Liang-Jung Chen 陳亮融 is a Taiwanese industrial designer / artist based in London.
She co-founded The Misused project in 2018 . She was a resident in Makerversity in Somerset House in 2020. 


Industrial Design / Bespoke Design / Spatial Design  / Exhibition Curation 


2021   The egg rack made a disclaimer 2.0 at Now Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2020  The egg rack made a disclaimer 1.0 at Error22, Tainan, Taiwan
2020  London Design Festival - The Misused ironomonery at Coal Drops Yard, London, UK
2020  Melbourne Design Week - The Misused at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
2020  The Misused 2.0 at Taiwan Design Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan
2019   Dutch Design Week - The Misused 2.0 at Piet Hien Eek, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2018   The Misused 1.0 at Caoji Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan


2020  deTour - The Misused Workshop at PMQ, Hong Kong
2020  The Neighbour Maker Project at Openground, Hong Kong
2020  mend-not-throw X The Misused at Makerversity, London, UK  
2020  The Misused Workshop at Pegatron, Taipei, Taiwan 
2020  The Hardware Research Workshop at Kiosk N1C, London, UK 
2020  The Misused Workshop at Blackhorse Workshop, London, UK 
2020  The Misused Workshop at PEER Gallery, London, UK 
2020  The Misused Workshop with Junction Issues, London, UK 
2020  The Misused Workshop at Taiwan Design Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan


2020  Conversation with Upcycling Designer Kevin Chueng at Openground, Hong Kong 
2020  Conversation with Industrial Designer Emile Jones at Coal Drops Yard, London, UK 
2020  The introduction to Misused Project at Old Noma Residency, Manchester, UK 
2020  Conversation with Anthropologist Shih-Hsiang Sung at Taiwan Design Research Insititute


2021   Dezeen: Liang-Jung Chen exlpores vulnerability through 12 precarious egg racks 
2020  ICON Magazine Issue 202: The Misused 3.0 X London Design Festival  
2020  The Guardian: The best new design - From hardware to homeware
2020  Wallpaper: How to interact with London Design Festival 2020
2020  Elle Decor UK: The London Design Festival Hotlist - What to see and book 
2020  Creative Lives in Progress: Turn everyday objects into kinetic sculptures 
2020  The News Lens: The Misused 2.0 reinvents Taiwanese and Dutch hardware design 
2019   Elle Decor Italia: How to wrap Christmas gifts according to five designers 
2019   Dezeen: The Misused useshardware in surprising ways to make household goods  
2019   Dutch Design Week Magazine: Nihao The Misused  
2019   Elle Decor Italia: A Taiwanese duo try their hands at the hardware store 
2018   Core 77: A collection of home objects inspried by improvisation  
2018   The News Lens: The Misused highlights Taiwan’s special knack for upcycling 


2020  Store Projects: Maker’s Manual #4 - Brushes

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