born in taipei, liang-jung chen is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in london. deeply interested in tension embedded in everyday scenarios, her works are often informed by politics within behaviours and artefacts. meanwhile, her background in industrial design allows her to bridge narratives with detail-oriented awareness. 

she is the founder of ii (initial initiatives), an unorthodox creative practice that proactively engages itself in projects of positive impact based on intensive research, strategic approach, radical experimentation, and more.

● solo exhibitions

2022   residency show at tengent projects, barcelona
2021    the egg rack made a disclaimer 2.0 at now space, taipei
2020   the egg rack made a disclaimer 1.0 at error22, tainan 

● performance

2022  the spout and its churn rate at terranova, barcelona

2022  the spout and its churn rate at tangent projects, barcelona

● group exhibitions

2021    local ware: cooking edition, oros, marseille
2021    offsite arts, bridge hole, taipei
2020   1 two 1 two at national gallery of victoria, melbourne
2020   the misused 3.0 at coal drops yard, london
2020   the misused 2.0 at taiwan design research institute, taipei
2019    the misused 2.0 at piet hein eek, eindhoven
2018    the misused 1.0 at caoji gallery, tainan

● awards

2021   winner, dezeen awards - the misused
2021   longlister, dezeen awards - the egg rack show

● residencies

2023   artist residency at xenia creative retreat, hampshire (forthcoming)
2022   artist residency at tangent projects, barcelona
2021    creative residency at domaine de boisbuchet, lessac
2020   maker with a mission at makerversity, london

● publications

2022   loop the loop, published by nieves 
2022   plastic: remaking our world, published by vitra design museum 
2021    the egg rack catalogue, self-published
2020   maker’s manual, published by store projects london

● workshops

2021    store x ercol design summer school, london
2020   detour - the misused workshop at pmq, hong kong
2020   mend-not-throw x the misused at makerversity, london
2020   hardware research workshop at kiosk n1c, london
2020   the misused workshop at blackhorse workshop, london
2020   the misused workshop at peer gallery, london
2020   the misused workshop at taiwan design research institute, taipei

● features

2022   metal magazine, spain
2022   obscura magazine, hong kong
2022   design milk, the us
2021    oros design, france
2021    dezeen, the uk
2021    obscura magazine, hong kong
2020   icon magazine, issue 202, the uk
2020   the guardian, the uk
2020   the observer magazine, the uk
2020   creative lives in progress, the uk
2019    dezeen, the uk
2019    elle decor, italy
2018    the news lens, taiwan

● contact details

+44 (0) 7865 199 873

all rights reserved @ liang-jung chen 2022