● the egg rack catalogue, 2021
by liang-jung chen and graham baldwin
available online at librarie vyon lamembert  & ponding bookstore  

the egg rack catalogue is a portfolio of ‘the egg rack made a disclaimer’, containing 12 real-size sketches of various sizes and two pieces of essays - a preface by liang-jung chen and a review by graham baldwin. the paper box itself serves as a paper egg rack of 6, as usual, each user will be held accountable for breaking the eggs.

sketching has always played an important role in chen’s creation process. ‘i see sketching as a series of dates with an idea before we enter a committed relationship. if i really like it after the first few dates and we get along, i will then bring the idea into real existence by making physical models.’ chen considers the sketching and hatching process very reflective. ‘the labour-intensive and time-consuming process allows time and space for second thoughts and refinement. a form of calibration and purification. i also enjoy playing in the ambiguous space between dimensions and perspectives. just a pencil and piece of paper.’

● content: 12 sketches, 2 essay booklets, 1 egg rack box
● size: 16 x 10.5 x 2 cm
● box material: recycled pulp grey chipboard 400g
● booklet material: single-sided glazed kraft paper 120g
● limited edition of 350. each catalogue is hand-numbered. 
● essay by graham baldwin. printed in taiwan.

● about graham baldwin
graham baldwin is an american born, london based spatial designer.  he currently directs a design studio titled das wilde in london which outputs a variety of spatial design, architecture, curatorial and public art projects as well as architectural photography and visualisations. Before founding dw he worked for a number of years with carmody groarke architects in london and mad architects in beijing.  he graduated from the architectural association school of architecture (aa) in 2013 and montana state university in 2009. his work has been exhibited in berlin, kabul, london, milan and venice; notably at the 13th venice architecture biennale and 57th venice art biennale. 

● if you are interested in distributing the catalogue,
please don’t hesitate to get in touch: liang(at)initial-initiatives.org 


all rights reserved @ liang-jung chen 2022