í-á is a modular furniture series in collaboration with 7 craftsmen situated all over Taiwan. The name “ í-á ” means “ chair “ in Taiwanese.

Liang-Jung is always a fan of natural materials and traditional crafts. She sadly found that most Taiwanese people have forgotten the abundant natural resources and the gifted crafts of the island, therefore she hopes to bring them back to Taiwanese people’s life through modern modular furniture design.

After travelling around Taiwan to visit different traditional local crafts, she picked six of them and made them into modules. They are: Ramie Weaving, Rush Weaving, Laminated Bamboo, Paper Weaving, Rattan Weaving, and Barkcloth.

These amazing craftsmen and factories made several modules for the series, each of them is unique and serve different functions. í-á series allows users to assemble their own personal furniture, fitted to your different needs with any crafts material.

Rush weaving craft in Miaoli. Rush is mostly made into hat and sleeping mats. Anything made from rush smells incredibly good and repels insects.

Ramie weaving in the mountain area in Miaoli. This is a traditional craft from aboriginal people of the island. It takes an immense effort to make ramie into the very delicate fabric, all by hand.

Paper Weaving in Nantou. Paper weaving is also a modern technique that turns wood fibre into paper-weaving cloth. They are washable, and are resistent to UV and mold.

Barkcloth in Taitung. Barkcloth is one of the most ancient craft in the tropical regions.Traditionally, hunters wore these tough bark clothes to protect themselves.

Laminated Bamboo deck in Nantou. With modern techniques, bamboo sticks are laminated into sheets, from here they can be shaped into any desired form.

Rattan craft in Tainan. There used to be some rattan furniture in every Taiwanese home. They are very light and are perfect choices for the humid summer.

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