●  briefed by offsite arts, i have been playing around with some new ideas on how to support eggs in an aluminium box hung in a glass showroom in bade market in taipei. an extension of my previous ‘the egg rack made a disclaimer’ collection, ‘the egg box week’ consists of seven improvised structures i created onsite daily for seven days. the designs are mostly based on the observation of the urban landscape in the neighbourhood. 

●  the bridge hole project

in response to the city’s crave for more space and faster pace, bridges are widely built to lift the transport over the ground. underneath the bustling traffic flow, there is an in-between space hidden on the map. the bridge hole project locates itself underneath the jianguo expressway in taipei. we join the site as an observer and an investigator, studying the existing qualities of the site and to later create a narrative for this mundane hole underneath the bridge.

each month, bridge hole invites two anthropologists and three artists from different backgrounds to explore a chosen topic regarding everyday life. after the cross-disciplinary conversation held at the beginning of the month, each artist will showcase the outcome of their creative exploration in the Showcase for a week.



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