Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Liang-Jung Chen (she/her) is a UK-based performance artist combining dance with interactive objects. Deeply interested in tension embedded in everyday scenarios, her practice explores the subtle sense of uncertainty and insecurity based on her own experience as a young migrant artist. She is currently investigating the sense of fear shared among underrepresented demographics caused by political unrest.

With a background in industrial design, she is the founder of ii (initial initiatives), an unorthodox creative practice that proactively engages itself in projects of positive impact based on intensive research, strategic approach, radical experimentation and more.

● Live Performances

2023  Wax and Wane at Xenia Creative Retreat, Hampshire

2022  The Spout and its Churn Rate at Terranova, Barcelona

2022  The Spout and its Churn Rate at Tangent Projects, Barcelona

● Solo Shows

2023   Wax and Wane, Xenia Creative Retreat, Hampshire

2022   The Spout and its Churn Rate at Tangent Projects, Barcelona
2021    The Egg Rack Made a Disclaimer 2.0 at NOW Space, Taipei
2020   The Egg Rack Made a Disclaimer 1.0 at Error22, Tainan 

● Group Shows

2023   Aesthetica Art Prize Show, York Art Gallery, 
Yorkshire (Forthcoming)  
2021    Local Ware, OROS, Marseille
2021    Bridge hole, Offsite Arts, Taipei
2020   1 Two 1 Two at National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2020   The Misused 3.0 at Coal Drops Yard, London
2020   The Misused 2.0 at Taiwan Design Research Institute, Taipei
2019    The Misused 2.0 at Piet Hein Eek, Eindhoven
2018    The Misused 1.0 at Caoji Gallery, Tainan

● Awards

2023    Longlister - Aesthetica Art Prize 

2021    Winner, Dezeen Awards
2021    Longlister, Dezeen Awards 
2020   Nominee, INDEX Design Awards 

● Residencies

2023   Xenia Creative Retreat, Hampshire
2022   Tangent Projects, Barcelona
2021    Domaine de Boisbuchet, Lessac
2020   Makerversity, London

● Publications

2023   Liang-Jung Chen Works, by O.OO (Forthcoming) 

2023   Hardware Archive, by Onomatopee (Forthcoming)

2022   Loop the Loop, by Nieves

2022   Plastic: Remaking our World, by Vitra Design Museum 
2021    The Egg Rack Catalogue, Self-published
2020   Maker’s Manual, by STORE Projects

● Features

2022   Metal magazine, Spain
2022   Obscura Magazine, Hong Kong
2022   Design Milk, US
2021    OROS Design, France
2021    Dezeen, UK
2021    Obscura Magazine, Hong Kong
2020   ICON Magazine, UK
2020   The Guardian, UK
2020   The Observer Magazine, UK
2020   Creative Lives in Progress, UK
2019    Dezeen, UK
2019    Elle Decor, Italy
2018    The News Lens, Taiwan

● The Spout and its Churn Rate (2022)


The spout and its churn rate (2022) is a performance piece based on a set of six milk churns of the same volume. Through the intensive act of repetitively pouring 1.5 litre of milk from one churn to another, the artist visualises the inevitable loss during the ongoing process of transferal.

The realisation of the equal volume of each churn, despite their variety of form, offers a tantalising satisfaction, yet ultimately this hoped-for notion that the milk will perfectly flow from each to the next cannot be realised. Meanwhile the subtle differences in each spout causes the milk to pour in unpredictable manners.

Informed by an economic term churn rate - the rate at which customers stop doing business with an entity, the title sheds light on involuntary disengagement of all sorts in everyday scenarios, revealing the poignancy of sacrificing a small part of us in order to carry on living.

● The Egg Rack Made a Disclaimer (2020)

The Egg Rack Made a Disclaimer (2020) explores the intangible tension and boundaries between people of different identities in a diversified society today. It is a series of precarious egg holders that invite the visitors of the show to interact with them on their own accounts. It challenges personal boundaries while examining the accountability structure between the creator, the object, and the user.

During the show in the gallery,  a sheet of paper was posted at the entrance: “Disclaimer: Welcome to the exhibition of egg racks. Upon entering the space, you are invited to interact with the egg racks at your own risk. The designer has made every attempt to ensure the security of the eggs exhibited in the space. However, each visitor will be held  accountable for breaking the eggs and will be responsible for all accidents and damages incurred as a consequence.”  

A rather passive aggressive self-disclosure. A series of egg racks that make it clear that they are hypersensitive. They replicate the awkward moments in social events. They offer a glimpse into tragic scenarios. They solicit tenderness. They predict broken hearts. 

● The Misused Sculpture in Lockdown (2020)

● Features

The Guardian, 2020

ICON Magazine, 2020

Metal Magazine, 2022


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