Taiwanese designers Liang-Jung Chen and Shuei-Yuan Yang have designed a collection of homewares called “The misused”. The design was inspired by how elders in countryside of Taiwan creatively improvise daily necessities with existing objects. The collection aims to re-fulfill the potentials of everyday metal hardwares by misusing them with a twist of humor.

“ As product designers, we always prioritize the logical user experience of a product. Somehow, in countryside Taiwan, we are often awed by how local grandpas and grandmas improvise homewares with existing objects creatively. The grass-roots humor originated from their earlier frugal life due to the lack of resources. They had motivated us to leave the stereotype of ubiquitous metal hardwares behind, and to re-imagine their functions according to their clever structure. “

“ Each long-existing hardware has been refined by people all over the world for countless times, that it has become the universal modules for assembly. It is this collective anonymity that makes the hardware design so impeccable. ”

“ Keeping the philosophy of misusing in mind, we paired 11 industrial metal hardwares with different crafted materials. The outcome is a series of homewares repurposing various kinds of metal hardwares, which includes: door holder, floor drain, door hinge, hose clamp, S hook,  “

The table mirror made with magnetic door holder 

The marble jewel box made with door hinge

Glass wind chimes made with S-hook and turnbuckle

The notebook made with the grill mesh.

The rattan stool made with hose clamp

The glass hydroponic vase made with floor drain

The magazine rack made with braided hose

The pottery pen holder made with bead chain

Plywood bookend made with corner bracket

The cork side table made with steel cable tie

The wooden jewel box made with door hinge

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